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City of Cape Town Economic Growth Strategy

The City of Cape Town has issued a draft of their proposed Economic Growth Strategy. There are two upcoming public hearings being held at the Civic Centre, 5th Floor.
Monday the 22nd of April from 10 AM will focus on input from the individuals and organisations relating to youth, people with disabilities, the aged, early childhood development, substance abuse and social development.
To attend, RSVP Charmaine van Reenen on 0r Tel: 021 400 1480 by 15 April 2013
Thursday the 25th of April from 10 AM will focus on small businesses, informal traders, small, medium and micro enterprises, as well as organisations supporting small business development.
To attend, RSVP Annuschka Williams on or Tel: 021 400 1681 by 15 April 2013
The Draft can be viewed in .pdf here: Economic Growth Strategy
If you are unable to attend please leave your input here as CapeRepublic will be present at both hearings.
Expanding access to economic opportunities by growing the economy and creating jobs is a core strategic objective of the City of Cape Town. It is encapsulated in one of the City’s five overarching goals or pillars: The Opportunity City.
In an effort to co-ordinate and direct the work of the City and our external partners towards this aim, the City has developed a draft Economic Growth Strategy. This strategy has been released for public comment and input.
The Economic Growth Strategy adopts a ‘whole of government’ approach to addressing the most fundamental challenges facing Cape Town in the years ahead: unemployment, poverty and lackluster economic growth.
The strategy states how the City will respond to future economic challenges and opportunities and identifies what needs to be done – by City departments, businesses and the broader community – to unlock Cape Town’s potential.
In this way the strategy builds on the vision and pillars of the Integrated Development Plan, as well as other long-term City strategies which aim to make Cape Town an Opportunity City, a Safe City, a Caring City, an Inclusive City and a Well-Run City.
Five high-level objectives are articulated by the strategy. These are:
  • Building an enabling institutional and regulatory environment
  • Ensuring that Cape Town has the right economic infrastructure
  • Promoting economic inclusion, job creation and skills development
  • Promoting Cape Town’s business sectors and attracting investment
  • Putting Cape Town on an environmentally sustainable growth path
The Economic Growth Strategy articulates a set of integrated strategies that speak to each of these high-level objectives. These strategies explain exactly what needs to be done to achieve them and how.
Economic and social development must be seen as two sides of the same coin. Hence, the Economic Growth Strategy has been developed in conjunction with the City’s Social Development Strategy, which has also been released for public comment.

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